Easy Segway to a GREAT Conference With Parents

When does your school have fall conferences? 
We have ours the week of Thanksgiving, so are just getting them set up.  Although I have done this for years now, I still always feel a little nervous in preparing for them and wondering if there are going to be some surprise questions or concerns.
But, as nervous as we get, I imagine some parents are more anxious since it is about THEIR child...what might we say about their child that they don't know?
I created this form to alleviate tension for both us and the families.  It is a very simple REMINDER, but also opens up the conversation and opportunity to make sure you plan the conference accordingly and use the 15 or 20 minutes to discuss what the parents want.
I feel like letting the parents know ahead of time that you care enough about their child to send this note home, sets the tone for a GREAT meeting to come!
I hope you find it helpful, too!

Sensory Table- Visual Language Support

Do you work with students with low verbal skills? I have students in my classroom who are completely non-verbal, communicating with only pictures, students who use an AAC device, and some students who use verbal speech, but still benefit from some visual supports here and there.

The other thing about my students? They LOVE the sensory table. I think some of them would put their whole bodies inside of it if I'd let them. I try to change the table each month to provide different sensory experiences and build in some thematic vocabulary.

This month, for November, the base to our table is hay and I've added fake leaves, acorns, feathers, and some pine cones. You can also find pom-poms, some glitter foam leaves and plastic acorns/leaves.

I've created a visual support to use while working with kiddos at the sensory table. It is great for labeling, commenting, and in some cases even matching. We can practice identifying the colors we see the table, the objects we see and also placing items on top of the pictures to match the real item to the picture.

You can snag this visual support for {free} in my TpT store. I also had one created for the month of October if you want to grab that one for next year you can find it {here}.

I can't remember exactly what is in our December one, I know the base is green and red noodles with I believe tiny presents and pom-poms. There are other items as well, but I can't remember them right now.

Hope this freebie is something you can use!

Colored Baggies

Want a COOL management tip for your little learners?
Try Colored Baggies!
Click the picture above or HERE to read more about this idea! 


Letter Tt Freebie

Need some Letter Tt support?

Check out this blog post all about it and 
grab this freebie!


Color Sorting Pumpkins!

Erin here from Creating and Teaching. I wanted to stop by and share with the Freebielicious followers a pumpkin sorting freebie available in my TpT store.

I just pulled this activity out this week to add to my October Themed Task boxes. I put 3 color cards in a box and students have to sort the pumpkins by their color. Or I can use this with the students I'm working on colors with and complete a 1:1 assessment to see if they were able to sort the pumpkins independently or with prompting.

Click on the link above, or click {here} to head to my TpT store to grab this freebie!

Halloween Hat Freebie

Here's a free hat that you can use in your Halloween centers on Thursday. It includes an ABC pattern that students can read and label.

Use Cheetos Bag of Bones with THIS freebie!

 Halloween is coming...
and I want you to be on the lookout for THESE Cheetos 
on your grocery shopping trip...
Cheetos Bag of Bones

 Then, head to my blog to grab this freebie file!
Freebie file PERFECT for Halloween
Your students can sort the bones, label the parts, make a graph, and even complete a table sort. 
Head to my blog HERE.


From Apples to Pumpkins Freebie

 Hello!  It's Reagan from Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits, and I have a freebie to share with you to help make the transition from apples to pumpkins a whole lot of fun!

Students will observe the differences and similarities of apples and pumpkins! 

Click the picture to visit my blog and get your freebie!

What If Teachers Are Not the Problem?

I am tired of hearing how teachers are the problem in education.

I am tired of hearing how a teacher's salary should be linked to test scores.
I am tired of those in power deciding that test scores are more important than student.
I teach students not test scores.

So who is the REAL problem?
To read more click {here.}

Letter Oo Freebie 
How is back to school treating you?
I am thinking you are exhausted as I am.
I am also thinking you would LOVE a great, useful FREEBIE.
Am I right?

I have this Counting Them Up freebie for the Letter Oo that is up for grabs.
Head to my blog post 
Outstanding Letter Oo
dedicated to the letter Oo this week...
To grab it up!