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Hi All! 

I am new to the group. :-) I blog at Bonnie Kathryn Teaching. Hope to have you hop over and get to know me on my blog. 

I like to make interactive activities for my classroom. I use them in centers and during whole group instruction to keep my students engaged. 

Here is a fun freebie for Valentine's Day or 100th day of school. You can use this short little video to introduce the activity to your students or show them how to make the counting book. 

Have a great day! ;-)

Kindervention {a free week for YOU}

Hi there!  Tara West here from Little Minds at Work!  Today I'm here sharing with you a free week of my Kindervention program!  In kindergarten it's all about systematic instruction with it comes to teaching students how to build, write, and read words!  This program follows a rigid daily routine that helps students instantly build confidence in building, writing, and reading those words . . . as they will do each of those skills daily!  I use Kindervention during my whole group intervention time.  This is a grade level wide intervention program apart from guided reading and phonics.  However, if you did not have that time available in your day this program is versatile enough to fit into your guided reading groups or be used my support staff that might help in your classroom!

Below is a look at what comes with each week!

And here is a look at how the day to day routine plans out...

You can click the image below to head over to my blog to read more. For the freebie you'll want to scroll to the last sentence and you'll see the link there!

We are in a LOVE / HATE Realtionship

Teaching is a love/hate relationship!
What do we LOVE?
What do we HATE?

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Hide and Hug Freebie

 Have you seen this Hide-and-Hug Olaf?
When I saw it last year I KNEW I had to get one.

But what can I use it for in my classroom?
What if I let OLAF look for kind and thoughtful students in the classroom
who get to keep Olaf with them for the day?

But what if I make printables,


and materials FOR FREE?!

Every teacher can GRAB and use ASAP?
Head to my blog now to grab this pack  

Head to my blog

Scott Foresman Kindergarten Math Journal

Do you use Scott Foresman Math?! I created a Math Journal that aligns with this program. The first FREE journal that I am sharing with you is Chapter 7 (Time and Money). There is one journal page for each lesson 7-1 through 7-16. I also created a journal cover. You can put together and staple for your students, or you can copy the journal pages and just give them out each day. It is up to you! Whichever works best! 

The journal prompts are very easy and they don't take very long at all to complete. It has prompts that include: drawing and labeling pictures of things they do on certain days of the week, times of day, and has them draw coin combinations to 10 name just a few things! 

I have them do these BEFORE they had to math stations.
Download your FREE journal by clicking the cover page below!

New Tech Tip for Your iPhone
  Did you know you can add medical information to your iPhone?

Should you?
How do you?
What do you need to do?
Head to my blog to read all about this techie tip! 

Print-N-Go Math Stations

Happy New Year friends! 2016! Sixteen?! Do you remember 1999 and all of the hullabaloo about it turning 2000? LOL! Think how far we have come and how far technology has come since then! I would like to say that this is a really smart lead in to my post...not so much! Just chattin' with ya...and showing my age (Oyy)

If I had one word to describe my goals for 2016 it would SIMPLIFY! My life (teaching and home) can be crazy hectic...because of me!!! I totally do it to myself. I need to Let it Go (cue Elsa now)! I like the cuteness! Let's face it, who doesn't like the cuteness, right?! However, my sweet little Kinders never comment on the Math or Literacy stations that I spend hours on! Well, they might say, "This is fun!" or "Can we please play...." but they never say, "Geez Mrs. Lee the clip art, the colors, the way you cut out the simply perfect!" Not one time people! So, I am asking myself why do it? WHY?!

I want to make a complete new line of products that are Print-N-Go! That's it! Print. And. Go. BAM! I am starting with Math Stations. First up, is my Race to 20, Race to 50, and Race to 100 games! These are on sale right now in my store! Make sure you read the product description. I have created a fun little FREEBIE to go with these games. It too is Print-N-Go!  You can head over to my blog and read more about it!

These are so easy to teach and easy to use (simplify people!) They are black and color ink! They don't need to be laminated! EASY!

I also wanted to give my more advanced students a little bit of a challenge. That's where your FREEBIE comes in! I created a cute Winter spinner to use with this.

Guided Reading For YOUR Classroom!

Hi there teacher friends!  I hope you are easing back into the idea of going back to the classroom soon!  After returning from winter break we always want to tackle the tasks our kiddos have finally built their stamina up for! Something like guided reading!  If you are starting your groups, looking for fun new ways to bring life into your groups, OR ready to throw in the towel for wrangling up books and plans each week I have you covered!  You can view my informative guided reading post HERE and while there you can download a freebie week of kindergarten and first grade guided reading!  

Christmas Magic You Will Want to Share...

Share the Magic of Christmas ideas and websites
 Need some fun ways to share the magic of Santa 
and Reindeer 
and Christmas
with your family
or even your class?

Check out this post dedicated to sharing the magic of Christmas!


Interactive Short Story

I LOVE using these with my students and my students LOVE using them too! They are great for differentiating with your students or using with ELL learners. I use interactive stories with my students during our group time. It helps to keep their attention when everyone is taking turns to match the correct pictures to each page.

I thought I'd take a gander at creating my own interactive book since I use them so much. I wanted to share this one for free with you-- I hope it's something you can use in your classroom! It's great to use now or even after break in January.

Click {here} or the photo above to download this Freebie! 

I'd love your feedback too!